Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camping Trip

Here are some Pictures from our Summer camping trip!

Erik doing his superman impression down the hill.
Youngi and Lois running on their knees.
Bryan jumping over all the girls.
Some girls enjoying the sun.
ahh... nice picture
Poor Angela on the bottom

Daniels face pretty much tells the story.

Jumping pictures Angela and Sun
Andy showing off his skills.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Water Photo Shoot Session

Today this morning San, Daniel, and I went to the Dixon Recreational Center and enjoyed a underwater photo shoot. Some photos are not meant to be viewed by young ones who are disgusted with speedos (Daniel). There is the video of San walking (or attempting to run underwater).

San attempting to run underwater

 Daniel on top of San's shoulder

 San upside down

 Ten hut (speedo Daniel)

 Super San holding Daniel up with one finger!!!!

San and Sam's Last Day

Hey guys, as you know today was the last time we could see San and Sam before they move on to New York. It has truly been a blessing for the whole youth group that they came. We hope that in New York that they stay in the word and persevere for future challenges! We also hope that they can come back to visit!

Yesterday we enjoyed games of water croquet (losers got soaked) at Bryan's house for San and Sam's goodbye party! We also had some photo sessions at their house and we ended with a little "share your favorite memory" time. Thank you Jane for the cake!

New Oneighty Blog!

Hey guys! I decided to help Bryan out by organizing a new blog for him to use! The old one was kind of falling apart and not up-to-date. This is still gonna be a work in progress, because I plan to add music as well. In addition to that there are none of the old blog postings. You can go to the bottom left and there is the link to the old blog. Bryan will be also an author so he can post blogs. This website also has a calendar that Bryan and I will try to update regularly! To keep people in the know. So welcome to the blog!

Tae-Han aka "Fancy"